Careers & Internships

  • With an expanding platform and demand HOVSE OF VXMMI  is always seeking qualified, unique, ambitious/motivated & talented creatives/visionaries/influencers to join our expanding team. Opportunities in our design hovse, production teams & other various areas are always open to fresh and qualified new faces, as well as experienced/ seasoned professionals, as we grow.  From all levels of graphic/web design, production, fashion designers/tailors, consultants  to photography/videography/video editing, Social media management and marketing squad, campaign/ operations managers, Campaign/Product Models, all the way to our street team and in hovse interns, we are always accepting resumes & applications for consideration. Our family friendly, casual and innovative team/environment is the perfect place to learn, grow, flourish and thrive. If you feel you are qualified and have all the criteria/ experience necessary to push the envelope, our agenda of industry innovation and progress with our team as a team member, we encourage you to apply. Those still in school or with little experience (entry level) are also encourged to apply. 

    We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate. 
    Submit all resumes, portfolios, Headshots (for models) and applications to [email protected] for consideration and review. Attach a cover letter along with what position(s) you are applying for and skills you have that are necessary for said position(s) for serious consideration. We will contact you if interested and position(s) is available.